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    World meet Patty, Patty say "Hello World"


    When I became part of the Microsoft Surface Team almost 3 years ago, as part of the "New Employee Orientation" I had the chance to see how they used robots to stress test Microsoft Surface. I thought that was the most fascinating thing in the world. Until recently, the world did not know about Patty, our stress test robot -- it was one of our "secrets". Channel 9 recently posted an interview with Joe Farro, our Software Test Engineer in charge of Patty. I am posting the video for your enjoyment. And you don't even know about our most useful test tool known as Squiddy -- but that one will have to remain a secret. ;-)


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    Launch: Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta


    ToolkitWe’ve got some great news for Windows Touch developers. Today we’ve launched a toolkit for Windows Touch that allows developers to use some of the same controls that are used by developers on Microsoft Surface hardware today, but for PCs using Windows Touch.

    Before you can use the toolkit, you must have Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express Edition, as well as Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed on your computer.  The .NET 4.0 Framework and the Surface Toolkit support input devices such as mouse, stylus, and touch. With the Surface Toolkit, you can develop an application that supports various types of input.

    To create great natural user interfaces, a focus on user experience design as well as testing on multi-touch hardware are essential. To test your application in a touch-enabled environment, your computer must have a touch-screen digitizer.

    You can also visit Technical Resources to learn more about developing on Microsoft Surface hardware.

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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    Viva Las Virtual Vegas!!!

    Eric and Kyle at the Rio in Las Vegas

    Hello from Vegas! The Surface and Harrah's teams have been burning the midnight oil for the past few days getting everything set for our next public deployment.


    Today, Harrah’s will become our second partner to deploy Surface. They will have six Surface units operating in the iBar, located inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. 


    Harrah’s will deploy a suite of their own customized applications and be the first to install Microsoft Surface in an entertainment venue, providing guests with uniquely personalized and engaging social experiences.  Their most ambitious application is “Flirt” which uses strategically placed video cameras to create an exciting new way to initiate conversation, flirt and meet new people from one Surface to another. Additional applications include a series of play-for-fun interactive games like bowling, a challenging musical memory game, and multi-player pinball with a twist. There's even a cool mixologist app that lets you design and order your own drinks.


    In addition to the applications that Harrah's created, they are also using the photos and concierge apps that the Surface team built. Harrah's has taken those apps and customized them to the Rio/Las Vegas environment with photos, video, maps and attractions info to help guests plan their stay all within the comfort of the iBar.


    If you can't make it to Vegas then check out the video we shot. Last week we came into the iBar to capture the unique experience that Harrah's is offering. It really shows off their "Flirt" application nicely...only in Vegas.


    This is an exciting next step in the Harrah’s relationship. Just a little over a year ago we announced our partnership with Harrah’s at D, since then they've been busy thinking about Surface, where it will go (Harrah's has a ton of great properties to chose from) and then creating the actual applications themselves. It's fun to see it all come together.


    So deployment #2 is done...up next #3...stay tuned...more goodness ahead.


    Cheers from Vegas (I'm not finding fortune on Wheel of Fortune slots right now...ugh),

    K Robert Warnick


    Video: Microsoft Surface at the Rio in Las Vegas
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