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  • Blog Post: How to bind Generic Dictionary with dropdown list

    I was searching for binding the dictionary with dropdown list, the solution I found was consist of binding the Key as ‘DataValueField’ and value as ‘DataTextField’ of dictionary object. But my problem was to bind the object (value collection of the dictionary)as datasource and its property to the...
  • Blog Post: How .NET Data Bound Controls works

    In ASP.Net you can pass any control a “DataSource” it use the same to populate itself. How this works and how to create your own data bound control Check below article written by Mike
  • Blog Post: Control adapters for ASP.Net

    Couple of days back, I was using ASP.Net Menu Control. I saw the way it generates html its difficult to apply styles (css). I got stuck with the same problem. but thanks to control adapter it made my life easy. The control adapters are the coolest thing, it let you change the HTML markup produced...
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