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About me and my blog


About me and my blog

Hi all,

I am Piyush Joshi and I am a Program Manager on the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) team. I started as a Mechanical engineer :-) and then switched over to a field which excited me more - software industry and worked in various roles of a software developer, tester, and consultant and now in Microsoft am working as a PM - a role which I believe suits me the best. For folks curious about what do PMs do in Microsoft - here is an excellent post -

I created this blog couple of years back but frankly, was just lazy :-) to actually start putting content there. So why now - well, this is an exciting time for Microsoft (for future reference - a week, after BUILD when Win8 was announced :-)) with so many fascinating products and services launched and in the pipeline and with the future focused towards the cloud - I want to use my blog as a vehicle to bring you guidance and samples to play with WCF vNext [all things WCF - on premise, in the cloud in Azure, and Win8 Metro styled apps], and most importantly to take your voice as a customer to our product team so that we can solve your real problems with our technology. Lets see how true I stay to my word and how many blog posts I do :-)

So happy blogging to me and happy reading to you!!!