The Azure Weekly runs every Tuesday from 12:30 – 13:30 (UK timezone) and is aimed at the techie who has not yet had any/much exposure to Azure but who just wants a leg-up to get started.

This is a more practically focused session than a theoretical/architectural session and is mostly based around the following demos:

* Creating a Microsoft Azure WordPress website

* Creating a Microsoft Azure ASP.Net website

* Creating a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

* Creating a Microsoft Azure Mobile Services (with Android client)

* Creating a Microsoft Azure Cloud Service

* How to sign up for a free Microsoft Azure Trial subscription


If you miss it one week – just come the next week. Essentially the same session will run every week but of course as features are updated, there will be small changes from time-to-time. For example there is a new management portal in special preview at the moment. When this is formally released, Azure Weekly will be updated to incorporate the new portal. But you can probably see there aren’t going to be any major changes.

You can ask questions throughout and there will be a short slow at the end for Q&A as well.

Later the same day, any relevant questions that were asked, plus the answers, will be sent out by email and for those that can’t wait that long – they will also be tweeted.


Pick a date below to register for the webinar:


Note: Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to deal with detailed individual problems. For example if you are getting an unexplained exception or error message and it’s not something that is immediately apparent, we encourage you to use the usual channels – Internet searches, blog-posts, MSDN/TechNet documentation, YouTube,, Vimeo, Microsoft support and other technical resources.