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  • Blog Post: Video: Complete Overview of the 2012 Azure Release

    Includes IaaS Virtual Machines, Virtual Network, Web Sites, Cloud Services, Identity, Service Bus, Cache and so on.
  • Blog Post: How do I sign up to the new Azure features if I already have an Azure subscription?

    I can see there’s a bit of commentary along the lines of “how on earth do I actually sign up to these new features with my existing Windows Azure subscription… Well, it’s a less-than-two-minute video screencast to find out.
  • Blog Post: A summary of the major announcements at the “Meet Windows Azure” conference

    Despite its intimate, low-key nature, there were a pretty major collection of Windows Azure messages at this event with new major features being announced for the first time. It really must have been a struggle for the Redmond Azure team to have kept so quiet about so many announcements. Invitations...
  • Blog Post: Video: Windows Azure Connect: a real-world solution

    K3 Retail are the UK’s biggest Microsoft Dynamics partner. They’ve built a system that allows them to expose on-premises applications and data such as Dynamics, SQL Server Reporting Services, Email and File-Servers to a cloud-based IIS web application. This video show how they are doing this in the real...
  • Blog Post: Cloud Virtual Networks: PaaS and IaaS approaches

    As applications that are used by employees of large corporate enterprises start to work their way in to the cloud, it becomes obvious that a need to integrate the network and security infrastructures of both environments becomes important. I’ve made a number of posts ( here , here and here ) on this...
  • Blog Post: Video Presentation - Windows Azure Connect: from scratch

    In this video/demo we go from scratch for folks with no knowledge of Windows Azure Connect (previously known as “Project Sydney”) covering what it is, how to create a virtual network and how to domain-join an instance running in the Windows Azure cloud. The demo gives click-by-click instructions and...
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