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  • Blog Post: Video: Explanation of Pop-up Labs in the Cloud

    Devs, IT Pros, Architects, Marketeers, Salespeople, Business-oriented people – they are all rapidly becoming part of the pop-up lab phenomenon. Until now it was very difficult for private individuals with an interest (whether casual or professional) in large-scale IT, to build large IT labs – the capital...
  • Blog Post: Video: Complete Overview of the 2012 Azure Release

    Includes IaaS Virtual Machines, Virtual Network, Web Sites, Cloud Services, Identity, Service Bus, Cache and so on.
  • Blog Post: Don’t Kill the Messenger: Explaining to the Board how Planning for the Cloud will Help the Business

    What we need, in our dual-roles as both technologists and business-analysts, is a sort of kit bag of tools we can use to explain in simple, low-jargon, understandable language to say, the CIO or other C-level executive of a business, how a move to the cloud will benefit the organisation. It’s a problem...
  • Blog Post: New UK-based Windows Azure Data Center

    In a move designed to cater for those organisations that are bound by the various data protection regulations that prohibit certain data to be held outside of the UK border, a new Windows Azure Data Center is to open within the first half of 2011 in Stevenage in the UK. It’s not a Microsoft Data Center...
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