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March, 2006

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About ploeh blog

Mark Seemann was a software development engineer working for Microsoft in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was his (professional) blog. Please visit the current ploeh blog instead.

All postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights. Any opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and not official positions of Microsoft Corporation.

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    onevent Code Snippet

    When raising events, the .NET framework design guidelines recommend that this is done from a protected virtual method named On<EventName> (unless the class is sealed or the event is static, etc.). This leads to a recurring pattern of similarly looking...
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    Coding Styles

    From time to time, people ask me about coding styles; if they have seen some of my code, many are curious about my use of post-fixed underscores in private member names. Is this a new Microsoft standard? No. It is my own, private coding convention...
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    A Faster TestTypeResolutionService

    In February, I wrote about unit testing CodeDomSerializers , but although it was a good initial attempt, there was room for improvement (as I also described in the article). Back then, my main priority was just to get my unit tests working, so other issues...
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    astype Code Snippet

    So, a couple of days ago I discovered just how easy it is to create code snippets for Visual Studio 2005, and this apparently put me into snippet mode. My first attempt at code snippets unintentionally caught a bit of flak, so I hope this second one is...
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    Michel Baladi Has a Blog

    My former Microsoft Consulting collegue Michel Baladi now has a blog at . Michel is still a Microsoftie, but he now works with ISVs from Europe and beyond in the Microsoft Technology Centre in Vedbæk, Denmark. Michel and...
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