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October, 2006

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About ploeh blog

Mark Seemann was a software development engineer working for Microsoft in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was his (professional) blog. Please visit the current ploeh blog instead.

All postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights. Any opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and not official positions of Microsoft Corporation.

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    Mocking Generic Methods With NMock2

    Recently I was asked how to mock a generic method, now that NMock2 supports generics. Here's how: Suppose you have this interface: public interface IMyInterface { T DoStuff<T>(); } And this class using IMyInterface: public class MyClass...
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    Generating NotImplementedException Instead Of Exception

    Ever since I started using Visual Studio 2005, I've been enjoying its refactoring features, but it has always been bugging me that when you generate a new method stub or implement an interface or abstract class, the auto-generated method throws System...
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    Console Unit Testing

    In many scenarios, console applications are very useful, but if you have a console application of intermediate complexity, you should obviously unit test it like all the other code you write - right? If you have a console application as an administration...
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    Speaking at .NET Days 2006

    The week after speaking at TechEd , I'll be giving a talk at .NET Days 2006 in Århus. In this talk , I'll be talking a bit about data access component testing. In my terminology , these are not unit tests, but integration tests, but that does not mean...
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