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April, 2007

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About ploeh blog

Mark Seemann was a software development engineer working for Microsoft in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was his (professional) blog. Please visit the current ploeh blog instead.

All postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights. Any opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and not official positions of Microsoft Corporation.

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    Hello World

    private static void Main( string [] args) { Person father = new Person (); Person mother = new Person (); Person girl = new Person (); Person boy = mother.Emit(mother.Union(father), new DateTime (2007, 4, 21)); girl.PromoteTo( Rank .BigSister); mother...
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    Unit Testing Activity CodeDOM Serializers

    Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) defines workflows as object graphs. To save or compile workflow definitions, these object graphs must be serialized, and WF supports serialization to both XAML and code. Similar to other components, WF utilizes the .NET...
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    Although my daughter is now 4½ years old, she still can't write code. Some may say that it's because she has not yet learned to read and write in general, but we at Microsoft know differently: Even though our current development tools are very productive...
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    Validating Code Serialized by CodeDomDesignerLoaders

    A while back I wrote about unit testing component serializers , but I left the task of validating the generated code against an expected result up to the reader. The approach outlined in that article was to retrieve the generated code as a string and...
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