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June, 2007

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About ploeh blog

Mark Seemann was a software development engineer working for Microsoft in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was his (professional) blog. Please visit the current ploeh blog instead.

All postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights. Any opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and not official positions of Microsoft Corporation.

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    cleantestresults XML Snippet

    About a year ago, I wrote about an automated way to clean up the TestResults folder created by VSTS. While I still use this approach methodically, I've begun to find it tedious to find my original post to copy and paste the XML into the project file....
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    Using Decorators For Inter-Layer Communication

    While I hope that my previous post made it clear that Data Transfer Objects are not my first choice for transferring complex data between layers, I still owe my faithful reader(s) an outline of a better alternative. One option is to define an abstraction...
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    What's An Entity, Anyway?

    These days, I seem to be encountering a lot of entities . Not in the sense of non-corporeal beings as usually depicted in certain science fiction TV shows, but in the sense of data structures. Sometimes, they are called business entities . Although...
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    Speaking In June

    At the upcoming Softwareudvikling på tværs conference, I'll be presenting a session on TOOD on the second day (June 14). The session will be held in Danish.
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    State Your Dependency Intent

    There are several different ways to implement Dependency Injection (DI), and Martin Fowler describes four of them in his excellent article on IoC/DI . In this article, the first three approaches (Constructor, Property, and Interface Injection) are mainly...
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