I've been an employee of Microsoft for less than a year.  My initial impressions are that I made a good career choice.  Here are ten reasons why I believe this to be true.  (I may revisit this in another year or so.)

  1. I can get MS career advice from a blog post.
  2. MS employees can make statements like this: "I'm a big Vista fan, I'm loving Office 12 and I live on my WM5 phone, but the Xbox 360 is currently the coolest thing we do. And it just keeps getting better."
  3. When I joined, I was told that management has an open door policy.  So far, this has been true in every situation that I have run across.
  4. I get paid to be a geek (and brag about it).
  5. I get free swag... Free stuff is always cool. 
  6. The health benefits rock.
  7. Three degrees of email seperation... I get many questions from people internal and external to Microsoft.  Many times, I don't know the answer, but all it takes is an email to get the right answer.
  8. As a Microsoft employee, I have an empowering feeling that I can take my career wherever I want it to go.  This organization has great breadth.
  9. Kids think I'm cool because I get XBox games and accessories at a discount.
  10. MS employees get away with placing ablue monster in their email signatures: