Develop New Age Applications with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
This Classroom will discuss all the pillars of WPF, and enables you to experience the joy of developing new age Win Applications with much ease and performance. The instructors also walk you through some WPF applications.
Registrations Close at 1800hrs on Thursday 19th April. Limited Seats Available
Chapter 1: Introduction to WPF
23rd April 2007, 1700-1830hrs
The session introduces the Windows Vista, and .NET framework 3.0 and also the ecosystem of applications required to build the WPF applications, and their integration with Visual studio®. The instructors will also walk you through an application and showcase the same in classical as well in windows Vista Scenarios.
Introduction to WPF and .NET Framework 3.0
Evolution of Markup language for UI development in .NET framework 3.0, getting Web Designers into domain of UI design for Windows Vista.
Introduction to WPF tools (Microsoft Expression®), and Integration with Visual Studio.
Chapter 2: Introduction to WPF Controls
24th April 2007, 1700-1830hrs
WPF introduces you to the new set of controls built specifically to match up your needs to show high-resolution documents, Media, and making applications that are resolution independent.

The New property system “Dependency Property” system will also be introduced herewith.
Blending UI, Documents and Media in WPF applications (Introduction to new WPF Controls)
WPF Property system (Properties Vs. Dependency Property).
Chapter 3: Data Binding in WPF
25th April 2007, 1700-1830hrs
Manage your UI by developing managed styles and templates, and do the data binding with your forms. The session shows you the new generic classes built specifically for data binding in WPF.
Using Templates, and Styles with WPF.
Introduction to new Data Binding API’s with WPF.
Chapter 4: Resources & Styling in WPF
26th April 2007, 1700-1830hrs
WPF hosts a complete wrapper over the core graphics technology, thus enables the developer and designers to animate the forms and controls, you can also develop 3 dimensional objects as the first class .net 3.0 objects and use them. During this session we'll show you the ecosystem of applications to develop the 3D and animations, and using them in your applications.
WPF Animations
Discussion regarding Performance issues with Animations and 3D – Tips and Tricks
Chapter 5: Deployment of WPF Applications
27th April 2007, 1700-1830hrs
The last session focuses over deployment of WPF applications using the click once technology over web and windows both.

The session will also walk you through the new XBAP applications for Web.
Package and Deploy the WPF application with Click-Once.
XBAP applications.
Registrations Close at 1800hrs on Thursday 19th April. Limited Seats Available
Speakers: Tarun Anand & Brij Raj Singh