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May, 2013

  • Ponder.NET

    Are you running an obsolete Visual Studio 2012?

    Yes, you read that correctly… “an obsolete Visual Studio 2012 !” Now that is a little overstated… The Visual Studio that was released last year is far from obsolete, but it is no longer the latest and greatest. Since it was released...
  • Ponder.NET

    Any Plans for June?

    It’s a time of year that many people are looking forward to Summer vacations.  But as you sit in your office looking for other valuable distractions, consider joining Microsoft and our partners for some upcoming events… Windows 8 App Factor (Tempe...
  • Ponder.NET

    About this blog…

    This is my first blog posting on MSDN but not my first blog overall.  In fact I started blogging on WebBlogs.ASP.Net around eight years ago.  I started with mostly technical content about .NET and then spread to related topics such as BizTalk...
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