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Pooya's place (in the Gulf)

A blog about Architecture, Students, and Startups in the Gulf

November, 2010

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About Pooya's architect place (in the Gulf)

A blog about Architecture, Students, and Startups in the Gulf

About Pooya Darugar:

Pooya Darugar is a Principal Platform Consultant at Microsoft Gulf focusing on mission critical applications based on the Microsoft platform for some of the top enterprises in the Gulf.  In recent years he worked on aiding the local software economy in the Gulf through promoting startups in the region and working with Universities to increase the level of IT expertise.  Joining Microsoft Gulf in 2006 he worked with large enterprises on software architecture projects with a focus on adoption of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web 2.0 and emerging technologies.  Prior to joining Microsoft he was most recently Chief Solutions Architect at a silicon valley based SOA management and governance company where he worked on some of the largest SOA initiatives at early adopter enterprises working with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.  Pooya started his career as a co-founder and developer for a high performance XML based EAI tool.<o:p></o:p>


Pooya Darugar

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    Bringing Startup Weekend to Dubai

    After a successful Startup Weekend in Oman in July, we are in the very early stages of discussions to bring a similar event to Dubai.  At this point, there are not many details to share but it’s a great time to get the communities feedback on what...
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