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A blog about Architecture, Students, and Startups in the Gulf

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  • Blog Post: Startup talk at SP Jain

    Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the SP Jain Center of Management in Dubai Technology Week to a group of MBA students with technology backgrounds. I was very impressed with the level of students at this school; we’re actually working with groups of students from there this year on...
  • Blog Post: Features I like in: Powerpoint 2007

    This is the 2nd in my series of useful features in products we all use. This may be a well known one but I only started using it recently and have found it incredibly useful. Delivering a presentation on 2 monitors (or more likely on a projector) I deliver a lot of presentations in my work as a...
  • Blog Post: Geeks II: SOA presentation

    Geeks II was a great success and thanks to everyone who attended, the best part for us is to get to interact with the developer community in our region. You can see some of the coverage of the event already. I've had some requests for the SOA presentation that I did at Geeks II last week, so I've...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Architect Forum: Enterprise Search

    Beat Schwegler discusses the topic of Enterprise Search. Please check back soon for Beat's presentation.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Architect Forum: Web 2.0 and Semantic Web

    Daniel Akenine gives some thought provoking insight into Web 2.0 and semantic web.
  • Blog Post: Micrososft Architect Forum: SOA session

    Here is my presentation on Service Oriented Architecture. I tried to make this a practical guide and discuss what I consider a very important (but often neglected) aspect to a successful SOA implementation, business modeling. It is in powerpoint 2007 format, the 2003 version is too large to post,...
  • Blog Post: SOA Presentation from the MSDN Roadshow

    We're now about a third of the way through the MSDN Roadshow, thanks to everyone who attended the events in Oman and Dubai. I'm posting my presentation for those who attended and want to review it on their own. There was as usual too much information and not enough time (espcially in Muscat), sorry...
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