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August, 2007

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    Phew, day 1 done!

    All right, I've uploaded all of day1 content [yay, me]. I've been looking at the stats and it seems that in the few days that this site has been up, we've had more views per video than attendees at the entire conference. This internets distribution thing...
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    Orcas for Web Developers

    See how Visual Studio codename “Orcas” takes Web development to the next level. See a demo-filled tour of all improvements in Visual Studio around ASP.NET and AJAX development. Topics covered include a new standards-based design surface for XHTML and...
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    Panel: The future of web applications

    John Allsop, Web Directions Brian Goldfarb, Microsoft John Butterworth, AIMIA Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb (Moderator) Play (in Silverlight) Download (WMV) Download (MP3)
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    Vista Sidebar Gadgets

    This demo-heavy session will show you how to develop and deploy a Vista sidebar gadget. Topics will include: design, networking, localization, security, the sidebar API, and how to use Silverlight from within a gadget. Steve Marx , Microsoft Corporation...
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