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  • Blog Post: Go Deep with AJAX

    Look under the surface at ASP.NET AJAX, and learn best practices for designing/developing great UX, maximizing performance, and considering accessibility and search engine optimization in your web applications. Steve Marx, Microsoft Corporation Play (in Silverlight) Download (WMV) Download (MP3...
  • Blog Post: Orcas for Web Developers

    See how Visual Studio codename “Orcas” takes Web development to the next level. See a demo-filled tour of all improvements in Visual Studio around ASP.NET and AJAX development. Topics covered include a new standards-based design surface for XHTML and CSS, Intellisense for JavaScript, tools for ASP.NET...
  • Blog Post: PHP and Microsoft

    Learn how IIS is fast becoming the best platform for PHP, and see the latest web UX technologies such as Silverlight and the Microsoft AJAX Library on top of PHP. Steve Marx , Microsoft Corporation Play (in Silverlight) Download (WMV) Download (MP3)
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