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  • Blog Post: Developer/Designer workflow with Expression

    Michael Leahy Wise, Omni Effect Mark Sehler & Mark Smith, MYOB Play (in Silverlight) Download (WMV) Download (MP3)
  • Blog Post: WPF Fundamentals: Developing Rich Interactive Applications

    Learn about Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and how you can use it to develop great applications. This session shows how WPF can help you deliver rich and engaging applications that are easy to deploy with unlimited potential for visualising information. Walk away understanding the fundamentals...
  • Blog Post: Building Silverlight Applications with .NET

    In this session I will cover how neatly Silverlight fits in with the .NET framework. As Silverlight applications are based on XAML, which is XML, I will cover using Expression to create XAML templates. These templates will then be used to generate data-bound content from a SQL Server database for presentation...
  • Blog Post: Building Rich Web Experiences with Silverlight and JavaScript

    This session will introduce Silverlight and its overall architecture. It will detail XAML and how XAML is used to create a user interface. The Expression tools (design and blend) will be introduced and how they fit Silverlight will be detailed. Finally, a review of the Silverlight JavaScript APIs will...
  • Blog Post: Rapid Fire Design and Prototyping in WPF

    Join Lee Brimelow as he delves into the process he uses to rapidly design and prototype applications using WPF and Blend. He will be deconstructing prototypes created when he first began learning WPF and contrasting them to his more recent work created for clients such as Yahoo!. Lee will also talk in...
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