Try the latest Power Query update!

Try the latest Power Query update!

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Last month we announced the General Availability of Microsoft Power Query for Excel, and today we are excited to introduce a new quality update. Power Query is supported for your production scenarios and we will continue to deliver updates that provide added stability and performance benefits as we find any issues. Note that quality updates do not contain new features.

Power Query quality update (Download)

In this quality update for the Generally Available release of Power Query (OK to use in production scenarios), we’ve made the following quality fixes:

  • Improved error in the case where a query is trying to connect to a non-existent file.
  • Implemented more robust protection against out of memory issues when loading data into the workbook.
  • Improved experience for disabling online search in restricted markets.
  • A few other non-user facing bugs were fixed too.

You can download this update from this location. As always, please send us a note via smile/frown or our Forum in case you hit any issues with the update or usage of the product, and we will be more than happy to help you.


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  • HI Miguel!

    Should we expect this update appearing in the Update button too?

    I see it's still not enabled now.

  • Hi Marco,

    Good catch! We will enable the Update button early next week, but most likely will take users to this blog post. :)



  • Is this version 1.5.3296.2082?

    I try to use Table.Pivot and always return error like "is it spelling correctly?".

  • What's the timing on powerbi preview for o365.  I have a session on it in 2 weeks at sharepoint Saturday because the announcement said late summer.  Any update on timing?

  • The power query update is not getting installed.It stays a dll required for installation is missing and asks to contact the administrator.I am using MS Excel Professional plus 64 bit version.

  • Still get Query Failed - "out of memory" errors trying to load a .csv file into PowerPivot 2013 Data Model, but using "From Other Sources" input directly from PowerPivot completes successfully.

    Any ideas?

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