Detail look at “Power BI Q&A” – Video

Detail look at “Power BI Q&A” – Video

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In this video Pedram Rezaei from the Power BI team and Marc Reguera from Microsoft Finance demonstrate how one can simply load a Power Pivot model into Power BI for Office 365 and intuitively begin asking questions in natural language against that dataset.

You can read more about “Q&A” here.

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  • Hello Sir,

    I am a developer who has been working over the technology for the past week. I am creating workbooks and sharing it on SharePoint for better BI and and analysis. I came to know about the Q&A feature of Microsoft Power BI. My question is, Is this feature available for Sharepoint Standard Edition (Enterprise) or Cloud Edition.Moreover, how to deploy this feature in Sharepoint Private Cloud or in the enterprise edition.

    Awaiting your response,

    Tushar Sharma

    SharePoint Developer

  • this is good, when will Power Bi be available within Enterprise? I don't want /cannot  use Office 365

  • Q&A is a feature of "Power BI for Office 365".

  • Hi Pedram,

    Firstly amazing work.   Secondly,  I have a number of people who would be highly interested to see their own data in the Q&A mechanism.  Can you give me an idea on when Q&A would be available to use on non-sample workbooks and whether or not I could jump the queue?



  • Hello Pedram,

    I highly admire your work.

    In the video after you have created a power pivot model, directly you migrate to the Q&A screen. I have the Power BI for Office 365 preview admin panel with me, but I am not able to go to the Q&A screen. Is there something to configure? How do we do that?

    I read online that currently we are able to implement Q&A feature for two per-populated data sets only. But any tutorial or video or link regarding how to get to the Q&A screen or how to implement the feature like we have links available for the Data Management Gateway. How to navigate to the screen from the Power BI admin panel.


    Tushar Sharma

  • Dear All,

    "Power BI Q&A" is a feature of Office 365. In the current preview release not everyone is able to use Q&A over their own Excel models. However please stay tuned. We will communicate broadly as soon as the service is publically available.



  • Hi what does Q&A stand for ?

  • @thawa Q&A  = Question and Answer

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