Finalizing Your Entry to the Power BI Demo Contest

Finalizing Your Entry to the Power BI Demo Contest

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With less than 3 weeks to submit demos for the Power BI contest, we wanted to highlight the entries we’ve received so far and give everyone some final recommendations on what to include in yours, especially since the Q&A preview is now live to work with your own data and samples.

You can see all the entries submitted to the Power BI Demo contest so far here.  Watch a few of these videos to see how various submissions use different tools such as slicers, maps, different types of charts, etc. to create interactive and attractive dashboards. We also love the way many of these demos used visualizations to extract some insights around the relationships shown after demonstrating in detail how various Power BI features work. 

We are very excited about the demo’s we’ve received so far, and we’re looking forward to receiving even more!  While you’re getting those final submissions ready, please remember that demonstrating usage of key features of Power BI is a major component of judging, so keep this in mind as you are preparing your submission before the deadline January 15th 2014. 

Here is a helpful list of some of the key features that we would love to see in your demo:

  • Excel authoring features: 
    • Power Query to get and transform your data 
    • Power Pivot to build your models
    • Power View and Power Map  to visualize and create interactive dashboards
  • Office 365 features: 
    • Collaboration & Sharing (Power BI Sites) 
    • Asking Questions (Q&A) 
    • Access anywhere (Mobile App) 

We hope you find this information helpful. You can also find additional tips for creating your Power BI Demo Contest submission here.  

We encourage you to check out all of our current submissions at and we look forward to seeing your submission!  

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  • After 26 years beta testing ' you would think Microsoft would give us something for free and not software that continues to be flawed just ask any long term tester

    Its pretty bad when you have to enter contest so the company can " gain" from all your hard work and dedication

    Good luck to all....

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