Participating in the Power BI Demo Contest? The Entry Deadline is TODAY!

Participating in the Power BI Demo Contest? The Entry Deadline is TODAY!

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We’re thrilled to have received dozens of qualified entries in the Power BI Demo Contest. (You can check them out here.) If you’re still building yours, put on those finishing touches and submit it by TODAY, by 5 P.M. Pacific Time. Envision yourself winning one of our fantastic prizes, such as an Xbox One, a Surface Pro 2 tablet, or a PASS VIP experience!

If you’re not submitting an entry but are as excited about the contest as us, join the fun by participating in community voting. Visit the contest page on Facebook for more information and to vote, starting January 20th.

  • This is not related to this post but I am trying to find some way of communicating with someone who can help me. I have an E3 enterprise license.  I am trying to use SP Power BI.  The App appears. When I try to use it, I am told that I do not have a license. When I try to sigh up for a license, I am told that I cannot because I already have the App. Endless loop. Quite a bit of time with technical support, but this appears to be a licensing and not technical issue. No way to get to talk to anyone at Microsoft that can deal with licensing issues. Any suggestions?

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