Have You Voted for Your Favorite Power BI Demo?

Have You Voted for Your Favorite Power BI Demo?

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Indulge in some harmless video-binging while being awed by the talent in this community of data buffs. The voting period for the Power BI Demo Contest ends soon. So get to it! Watch as many demos as you can, then cast your vote by 5 pm PT today, January 30th. Remember, at the end of community voting, up to 10 entries with the most votes will be considered potential Semi-Finalists.

To cast a vote, visit www.powerbicontest.com and click "View Entries" at the top of the page. From here you'll be able to scroll through the pages of fantastic entries we received and view individual submissions. Once you decide on your favorite, click “Vote for This Entry" at the bottom of the video page, and follow any subsequent login prompts. Done!

Check out the contest rules for more details.


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  • Will there be an official announcement of the 10 entries with highest votes that would be selected as the semi finalists?

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