Power Map for Excel Now Generally Available, Automatically Updated for Office 365

Power Map for Excel Now Generally Available, Automatically Updated for Office 365

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Update: Learn more about Power Map

Today, with Office Service Pack 1, we’re announcing that moving forward Power Map will now be native to Excel. No longer a preview add-in, Power Map can now be found on the “Insert” tab in Excel for Office 365 ProPlus customers. Subscription customers will have access to all the new and upcoming features of Power Map, from new types of data visualizations on the Bing map, to new 3-D analysis features, to new ways of storytelling with your “tours”. Power Map allows you to quickly visualize geospatial data that you have already brought into Excel with Power Query and mashed-up with Power Pivot. Power Map also provides an immersive 3-D data exploration experience, supplementing the self-service visualization capabilities of Power View dashboards sharable through Power BI for Office 365.


Since its research prototype beginnings with WorldWide Telescope, to its public preview in April as the project codename “GeoFlow”, Power Map has continued to introduce the business intelligence community to new ways of interactively exploring their data geospatially in 3-D. For some, it is the initial delight that gets customer’s attention and allows engagement in broader discussions around BI. For others, it is core to what a customer will develop and deliver in a boardroom setting to their management, who might then become extremely engaged in the visualizations – standing up, walking and pointing out key data points in the visual – during the demonstration.  What all these Power Map customers have in common is their desire to see their geospatial and temporal data, currently locked in rows and columns, “come to life” in the familiar environment of Excel and then share their insights and stories with others. We will continue to deliver on our mission: To transform data into fluid 3-D stories, unlocking new insights for everyone.

The general availability of Power Map is world-wide, with support for all 40 languages that Office supports, and fixes for many numerous usability-hindering bugs we have heard about since the Public Preview rename in September, such as improved abilities to map data across the globe. You can learn more about using Power Map and it’s availability on Office.com.

Let us know in the comments what types of data you are visualizing with Power Map and if there are any features we can add over the next few months that will make your tours come to life the map! Map on!

  • So, what is the process (and cost) for "upgrading" Office 2013 Pro Plus to Office 365?

  • I would love to see the following features in future Power Map updates:

    · Ability to filter data in the map without having to make lots of calculated measures in Power Pivot to accomplish this (ex: For product sales by city, filter products to a few product categories without having to create a calculated measure to do this)

    · Ability to show/embed a Power Map on a web page without having to open it in Excel or download/play a video of the tour

    · Ability to include images and text in a single annotation

    · Ability to choose which fields appear in tool tips/hover text

    · Ability to reposition annotations so they don’t overlap with another annotation or a chart item (either automatically or manually by the user)

    · Diverging color palettes (dual-color scales) for region shading (ex: blue -> red for showing temperature, red –> green for under/over goal)

    · On stacked column charts with categories, let the user choose how the items are stacked ex: chronologically asc/desc, alphabetically by category, etc.)

    · Ability to create a Power Map by copying an existing Power Map

  • After talking to an agent, I discovered that there is no upgrade path to Office 365 from Office 2013 Pro Plus.  It would be appreciated if your company could communicate this to the public so they can make rational software purchase decisions.

  • @ Megan - thank you for your feedback. Very thoughtful and we appreciate it. About your last point, you can duplicate a tour by right clicking on the thumbnail in the Launch Power Map dialog. Cheers!

  • I find it very strange not to release this software to Office 2013 Plus customers, not even Software Assurance customers. Not every organization can run Office in the cloud.

  • Are you serious, no Power Maps for Office 2013 Pro Plus users, even with Software Assurance?  And no migration path?!

    My god, navigating the mess that is Microsoft’s licensing, is getting to be an increasingly frustrating experience

    This is insane.  Most of the power users who would leverage Powermaps and the other BI tools are probably running  Pro Plus.

  • Hey People,

    read the article (and the linked references) carefully and you'll see that PowerMap is included in SP1 for Office2013 Pro Plus.  

    Just download and apply SP1 and PowerMap turns up on the Insert ribbon.

    I don't believe Office365 has the concept of SP1, as it is updated/upgraded every couple of months.  They just happened to have co-incided the inclusion of PowerMap in SP1 in the same timeframe as making it generally available in O365.  Usually functionality turns up on O365 before it is available to non-O365 installs.



  • If you have the preview version of Power Map installed, do you need to uninstall it first before applying SP1?  Or will the SP1 install take care of removing the preview (if that is even required)?

  • So, my updates show SP1 for office, kb2850036 was installed, excel shows version 15.0.4569.1504, but there's no map in the insert tab. Ideas?

  • I stand corrected: office.microsoft.com/.../power-map-for-excel-HA104204034.aspx

    No more PowerMap/GeoFlow for non-O365 licences.

    That's just poor!

  • I have to second that's it's unfortunate there is no Power Map for Office 2013 Pro Plus users. As noted, not everyone will work in a shop with Office 365 subscriptions -- at least not yet. I do a fair amount of training data analysts who work in such small shops. I would like to recommend the full Power BI suite to build on their Excel skills. Besides not being able to use Power Map myself, I'm saddened that I can no longer make that Power BI recommendation to others. This move to offering analytical tools only in Office 365 is premature.

  • I would love to use data driven mapping tools to create specialized geographic or conceptual maps to do things like:

    o Map storage usage against storage arrays

    o Map service usage against customer groups

    o Map port and traffic data across the buildings on our network

    o All of the above would require a tool for defining custom maps, is such a tool provided with the product?

    Strongly agree with the posts around needing to add this to Office Pro Plus in addition to Office 365.

  • I have found one of the biggest problems with Power Map is scalability : it is not possible to show a different set of data based on the zoom level of the map?

    When there is a large amount of data points, the Maps slows down severely.

    What is needed is a way of reading the zoom level and passing that down to the data source so a different set of data can be shown.

    Unless I've missed something in the current release I think this is a feature that would definitely increase the usability of the Power Map for enterprise level customers.



  • Please make PowerMap more compatible with 32 bit machines. I can't even save a PowerMap video without my computer crashing. I can't even plot all the counties in New York giving all values of 1 on a region map with the current iteration either..

  • Why has no one from Microsoft commented about the ridiculous licensing structure?!?!?

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