Microsoft Adds Connectivity for SAP BusinessObjects to Power BI for Office 365

Microsoft Adds Connectivity for SAP BusinessObjects to Power BI for Office 365

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Last month, we released Power BI for Office 365, our cloud-based business intelligence service that gives people a powerful new way to work with data in the tools they use every day – Excel and Office 365. We continue to add capabilities to Power BI and today at the SharePoint Conference we’re announcing the public preview of Power BI connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI, a joint business intelligence interoperability solution delivered with SAP in Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and SAP BusinessObjects BI. With this new solution, users can now seamlessly connect to SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes as another supported data source in Power Query for Excel, enabling them to access and analyze data across the enterprise and share their data and insights in the cloud and any device through Power BI. You can learn more during our SharePoint Conference session today at 3:45 PM-5:00 PM in the Palazzo Ballroom K, L.

Customers that have invested in both companies’ BI stacks can now extend their trusted enterprise data into familiar business tools for self-service business intelligence. Some of the capabilities enabled by the connectivity are:

  • Seamless access to trusted enterprise data – connect to the latest, accurate, and trusted data from an SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe including SAP BW and SAP Business Suite.
  • Business friendly semantics in familiar business tools – easily work with data by navigating dimensions and measures from an SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe directly in Excel.
  • Combining data from within and outside your organization – discover and combine SAP data with public, corporate and big data sources such as Windows Azure HDInsight.
  • No hassle data refresh on-premises and in the cloud – refresh your data without a manual process on-premises, even soon connecting back to on-premises data sources from the cloud with Power BI to stay up to date.
  • Deep interactive analysis and visualization – explore and present your data from an SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe visually through charts, graphs, and a 3D map experience.
  • Sharing and collaborating on newfound data and insights unlock data and insights from an SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe by sharing them across your organization with Power BI.

Try it today by visiting and downloading the Power Query Preview add-in with SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe connectivity! You can also sign-up for a free trial of Power BI for Office 365. As part of the Power BI trial you’ll also receive a free 30 day trial of Office 365 ProPlus giving you access to the latest version of Excel.

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  • Congrats!  This is yet another big win.

  • Congrats!  This is big news for both Microsoft and SAP customers.

  • Awesome news! Any details on exactly *how* one would connect to SAP BW from Power Query as listed above? We have a lot of interest from customers in this area.


  • Very Good News. When you will extend the functionality to SAP BI OLAP Cubes

  • For those who bought the full version of Excel through Office365 still do not get this part of the full version. What is and is not included in these different versions is not documented. The Full version means very different things depending on the method of purchasing. Still not explained and I am still disappointed....

  • Great, I have recently been asking about this. Good news!

  • I want no join it data to cloud.It is no it law.

  • Great news, thanks a lot Microsoft and SAP team to make our job pretty much easier.

  • Good News :)

  • Great news!! Now we need the Power BI connectivity to SAP BW!

  • This is great news if you want to use SAP BW with Microsoft's cloud BI stack.  Demonstrates some market validation.  However, those of us that want to use MS's on-prem BI stack (i.e. Analysis Services) with the cloud BI tools are still waiting for when or whether this will happen.  At least the topology potential gets proven and validated with SAP and  PowerBI team, please blog about SSAS's status.  Best

  • You can connect from Power Query to SAP BW through SAP BusinessObjects, assuming there is a Universe that encapsulates the BW objects (e.g. InfoCube).

    We are working on SSAS connectivity as well... stay tuned!

    Power BI Team

  • That's i can connect with sap in excel?

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  • Great Information admin thanks For Your Information and Any body wants

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