Microsoft Virtual Academy: Power BI Jump Start

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Power BI Jump Start

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Are you excited about Power BI but you don't know where to start? We have the answer for you: Microsoft Virtual Academy's Power BI Jump Start 

On February 11th 2014, 8 Power BI experts shared their knowledge with almost 1,000 online attendees and now this training is available for everyone.

The content of this training is broken in 8 different modules:

  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. Drilldown on Data Discovery using Power Query
  3. The Data Stewardship Experience
  4. Building Stellar Data Visualizations Using Power View
  5. Building 3D Visualizations using Power Map
  6. Understand Power BI Sites and Mobile BI
  7. Working with Natural Language Querying using Q&A
  8. Handling Data Management Gateway
With this you'll learn everything you need to know to become a Power BI expert in no time.
If you have further questions don't hesitate to visit the Support section at

And don't forget to watch the April 15th Accelerate your insights event live from San Francisco, California -  Hear from CEO Satya Nadella, COO Kevin Turner, and CVP Quentin Clark and learn how to transform data into action by combining the power of SQL Server 2014 with the familiarity of Power BI for Office 365.







  • Nice training.  Great way to get started with Power BI.  Thanks for putting it together!

  • I am Disable, Thank u 4 ur dedication and skilled triang on this platform project, This is very easy 4 me and my boy to use, Thanks Chad Stuart, Mount Holly, NC. Isahi 2:5-10 & Palms 139:1-12, Thank Agian and May God Further Bless our Country as A Nation and Oppertunities for our Milatary Job Supporeted sysrtems

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