What would be your question if you could ask the Power BI team anything?

What would be your question if you could ask the Power BI team anything?

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That was the question that has been on our minds for some time, and the Power BI team was up to the challenge. Thus, we decided to set up a Reddit AMA session, which we held last Tuesday June 10th.

The premise was simple: ask us anything. The Power BI team spent hours answering questions from users and Businesses Intelligence enthusiasts about:

  • The Power BI product
  • Power BI’s conception and design
  • Power BI’s features 

The Reddit AMA session gave people a peek behind the scenes. Many of the questions and answers shed light into the new features announced in the PASS BA Conference keynote by Kamal Hathi and Amir Netz. It was a very interesting and informative session with plenty of humor, which is always an important component in any Reddit AMA.

We invite you to check out the Microsoft Power BI AMA session and let us know what you think.

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  • If I upgrade to E3, can I assign Power BI to certain users only?

  • your link to the AMA session is missing the H in HTTP

  • @scott Brickey - You might helped a lot

  • There is an H missing in the Microsoft Power BI AMA session link ... (ttp://...) correct link is: www.reddit.com/.../we_are_the_microsoft_power_bi_product_team_ask_us

  • Thanks @Scott and @Jeroen

  • Valeria, yes you can. Power BI is user based so you can pay for the service just for the users who need it

  • Do I have to import an entire table to use it to build a BISM in Excel?  

  • Why is there no upgrade path from normal Office 365 to Power Plus Office 365?  I'd like to pay the price difference, but I don't want to shut down my existing subscription and I don't want to pay for two subscriptions.

  • How can I use my own shapes instead of the default 4, I want to use logos, products or images of my choice.  Can this be done?

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