The Amir Netz Selection

The Amir Netz Selection

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Yesterday Microsoft News featured Amir Netz on its People series. Amir is a Technical Fellow, Chief Designer of SQL Server and Chief Architect of Microsoft BI offerings. He holds more than 40 patents, including PowerPivot and Power View. He has been with us since 1997 when the company he founded, Panorama Software, got acquired by Microsoft.

Geoff Carter, the writer of the article, says: 'When you watch the video - Amir's Power BI announcement at WPC last year - you think, wow, the man is cool. Amir Netz is cool." We agree with Geoff 100%. 

Some people may not be familiar with Amir's trajectory at Microsoft, and his pivotal role in the development of Power BI. For this reason, we wanted to follow up this great story with a selection of Amir's best interviews, demos and presentations, which include an amazing Power BI demo at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2013.


Amir Netz announces Power BI at WPC 2013

Amir announces the preview of Power BI for Office 365 at WPC 2013, staying true to his style



SQL Server 2014 Launch Event - April 2014

Amir revisits his music rankings demo at the SQL 2014 launch event at San Francisco



Interview: Accelerate your insights - making data more accessible

Amir shares his view on how important it is to make data more accessible to everyone


Interview: Accelerate your insights - Microsoft's vision for BI and analytics

 Amir explains Microsoft's vision for self service analytics and BI


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  • Nicely done Power BI team.

    Interesting to hear what makes Amir tick. Really love the focus on bringing tools and insight to people who care enough to pose questions: questions about markets, about opportunities, about a thousand other things. Gives folks a chance to act/adapt in a rapidly changing world making decision making more fact based. (In theory!)

    Probably not going to happen but the old-guard Excel contingent should be sending you all thank you notes that they get to keep most of  their (our) Excel chops built up over years while we transition to Modern Excel\Power BI and BIG DATA.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I am proud to be part of Amir's successful legacy in Panorama software. Amir is certainly a great innovator in BI. It has been a great pleasure working with him throughout the years.. and guess what.. he is even more enthusiastic &  excited, when you meet him in person

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