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  • http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/archive/2006/04/25/583344.aspx
    Get the bits at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/results.aspx?freetext=Monad&displaylang=en....
  • Congratulation to reaching the next milestone!

    But the name: Oh god. Does marketing EVER come up with anything good? It sounds horrible, completely non-professional. But not only that, there is a serious usability problem with the new acronym "PS": completly non usable for searches. Too short, already used (PostScript)... Damn, this decision will make life very complicated for people that want to find information on it. "MSH" was really great... I honestly feel sorry for you guys, since I assume marketing decided that over your heads.
  • I find this tedious. Typing "cmd" is so much better than "command" as we had to in Windows 9x, just as "msh" is so much better than typing "powershell". The more generalized "Microsoft Shell" sounds prominant, like "korn shell" and "bash shell". "PowerShell" just sounds like too much of a buzzword, and buzzwords don't tend to last.
  • PingBack from http://www.viveksharma.com/techlog/2006/04/25/drumroll-please-monad-is-now-powershell/
  • ...is now called Windows PowerShell and available as RC1.
    Heath Stewart says in his comment:I find this...
  • Good old Marketing.  "Windows PowerShell" - what were you thinking?  You have to try and go one better than everyone else, but IMHO this is awful, and sounds too gimmicky.
  • First bug!  In the "Getting started" doc, on page 7, it says:

    "You can also execute commands with the -command parameter"

    The sample then goes on to
    [a] use very fancy .BAT commands for no good reason
    [b] doesn't use the -command parameter.

    Item [a] is subjective.  Item [b] is a plain old bug.

    Not to mention this blogs radical over-use of the word 'great'.    'Great' was a 2002 Microsoft-ism; it's passe now.
  • Second bug!  Also in the "Getting Started" doc y'all forgot to turn off spell check and grammar check.  When the doc is viewed, it comes up with little red squiggly lies every now and then -- surely not what you wanted to display to your users.
  • I don't like the PowerShell name either. msh, Microsoft Shell was so much better - sounded like something really fundamental, powerful. PowerShell sounds like a little 3rd party app that everybody will forget in a month.
    The product is great though, I fell in love an hour after using it. But at least rename the executable to psh.exe!
  • Oh, and http://powershell.sourceforge.net/ ;)
  • Check out this blog posting detailing the name change for Monad.  I personally love doing things...
  • macbirdie, <a href="http://mspong.com/2006/04/26/hey-they-stole-my-name/">I wrote (the original) PowerShell</a> :)  Haven't touched it (or even thought about it) in years, but SourceForge never clears out their attic.

    I do agree with you about the name, though.  I didn't even care for it when I was using it.
  • Jeez. this blog software really doesn't like HTML tags, does it?  Try this:  http://mspong.com/2006/04/26/hey-they-stole-my-name/
  • Is there any way to undo the naming decision by marketing?

    Seems they could be targeting "non users" of Monad.  Are any of them even remotely like the core user base?  (i.e. do they have a chance of empathising with the real audience?)

    I hope MS is not too fossilised to correct this.
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