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Check out the amazing PowerShellIDE at http://PowerShell.com .   Many of you probably already know Dr Tobias Weltner from his product SystemScripter http://www.scriptinternals.com.  The PowerShell team has been talking to Tobias on and off for years now and those discussions have clearly paid off.  PowerShellIDE is a free "experimental editor" whose functions will be integrated into SystemScripter. 

The things that I really like are the rich intellisense, rich syntax coloring, rich inspection capabilities, and rich debugging that PowerShellIDE brings to the table.  Did I mention that it was RICH?  Check it out yourself and you'll see exactly what I mean.  This tool can really accelerate learning and scripting PowerShell. 

One word of caution:  Be careful using PowerShellIDE, if you drool too much on your keyboard, it could stop working.  :-)

Jeffrey Snover
Windows PowerShell Architect


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  • This is literally unbelievable
  • Simply cool but it doesn't really work.  Even the sample hangs in teh debugger.

    I don't think the PS team should commit to an IDE provider until allof the designers have a stable application.  All are still trying to find the best approach.  All that I have tested are doing excellent things but no one has it nailed.

    To pick and promote one now might prevent that one from ultimaty becoming as good as it might be.

    Meanwhile all of us can enjoy testing and using these early attempts.

    I think PS still needs a little tweeking in the SDK to get this going well.  I played around with the SDK for a time and found it useful but lacking in deep support for building an IDE.

    Put more hooks in for VS 2005 to use and we could have dozens of IDE add-ins.

    PS as it stands at the prompt is better than anything that has preceded it.  I am in favor of letting it mature in text mode before going heavily after an IDE.

    In the end an IDE will be important to admins so use of PS can be made painless.  Take your time.  Do it right.  We will have to live with this for many years. WSH was good but it never really got prime-time support until very recently.  Don't let PS go the same way.

  • Very funny tool. But...

    1. Its GUI is absolutely inconsistent and unusable.

    2. It has difficulties to work in localized environment (for example, my console is Russian, and IDE doesn't handle it properly).

    3. And, as jvierra says, debugging doesn't work at all.

    It needs more serious work to be useful... But, in my opinion, not too bad for Alpha release. =)
  • No offense, but that UI is a complete trainwreck.

    What speaks against the PowerShell or Visual Studio team integrating PSH support into VS via a plugin?
  • The UI, as far as I can tell, is the new 'Office 2007' style. Tobias has said that he might do a traditional interface as well.

    It is an interesting product, certainly a beta-release.
  • I sent this link to Brett (who managed blog about it first), this looks to be a good start the comments...
  • Does MS have any plans to release a Powershell editor?
  • Yeah, integration in Visual Studio is the best option, I think.

    For now, I can recommend the more mature PowerShell Analyzer

  • 1. This product weights 20 megatones of coolness

    2. Visual Studio support and PowerShellPlus (former PowerShellIDE) are two completely different approaches.

    3. Damn! I'm so bad at finding points..

    PoweshellPlus does not even need installation and you can totally replace PowerShell with PowerShellPlus so you eventually get PowerShell.. Plus ;)

    I'm just using product this only for 5 mins or so, so I may change my mind later, but I find this rather unlikely.

  • Wow how uncool. The tool does cost a ton of money now: $145 (?)


  • It's like a new marketing scheme.  Get blogged as the best free PowerShell IDE, then start charging for it.

  • I am trying to find a Powershell script [ or close thereof]to perform the following

    Basically, take an input argument of path

    Search for all filenames for a pattern of *.sql

    concatenate all files into 1 text file of extension *.sql

    This is taken from Python

    from glob import iglob

    import shutil

    import os

    PATH = r'C:\music'

    destination = open('everything.mp3', 'wb')

    for filename in iglob(os.path.join(PATH, '*.mp3'))

       shutil.copyfileobj(open(filename, 'rb'), destination)


    Thank you for your time and direction

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