Exchange PowerShell Scripting Contest

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You are one line of code away from fame and riches ... eeerrrr ... make that fame and a trip to New York.  The Exchange team is holding a scirpting contest.  Produce the coolest one line Windows PowerShell script and you can win a trip to New York to attend the Exchange 2007 launch.  Check out the details at

Jeffrey Snover
Windows PowerShell Architect

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  • You guys should probably set up a contest for generic scripts, not only Exchange.

    I was thinking of a recent security related homework I had at school (I just graduated). We were free to choose whatever language we wanted. Many of my classmates found it rather difficult, in Java they had to write many dozens of lines. Another did it in Perl with about 40 lines of code. As I can see it though, in PowerShell that would be a one-liner!

    PowerShell is an amazing tool. Is there something more awesome than this coming out of Microsoft these days?
  • Josh Maher has an exchange oriented blog at .  He is running...
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Exchange PowerShell Scripting Contest