HanselMinutes Podcast on Advanced Windows PowerShell

HanselMinutes Podcast on Advanced Windows PowerShell

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Check out Scott Hanselman's podcast on Advanced Windows PowerShell at:


Scott really "gets" PowerShell and has a fantastic way of communicating it. 

With V1.0, Windows PowerShell delivers a VERY powerful engine but it gets presented to the world through a command console window.  Image a Ferrari inside a VW Bug.  Scott is one of those guys that will take this into his garage and emerge smiling, having replaced the Bug shell with a Bugatti one.

If you ever have the chance to see Scott give a demo or talk - run to make sure you get a seat - you won't regret it.

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell/Aspen Architect
Visit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at:    http://blogs.msdn.com/PowerShell
Visit the Windows PowerShell ScriptCenter at:  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/hubs/msh.mspx


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  • Hi Jeffrey,

    What's "Aspen"? It's the first time I see it appearing in your signature, so I was wondering whether I missed a new codename or not? ;-)

    Keep up the good work,

  • Hello all.  As a computer scientist I often get caught up in my inability to develope cool marketing slogos and selling points.  There's a really cool last minute of this interview, where Hansel uses 2 particular phrases:
    1.  powershell putty
    2.  removing the macgyver, a bunch of ad-hoc glued togeth threads and stuff, from windows, with something that is more built in.\n
  • hello all.  i have many friends who work at microsoft and i know how much work everybody puts in there.  i guess that i would say that windows has finally solved the user interface experience with vista - it rules.  now, they are tackling the next problem, replacing the "macgyver approach" to windows sys admin with something that is more built in.
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