Exchange Management Shell

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Here is a pointer to an Introduction To the Exchange Management Shell:

This is a nice glossy view of the important aspects of both Windows PowerShell and Exchange's use of it.

PSMDTAG:FAQ: How does the Exchange Management Shell relate to WIndows PowerShell?  ANSWER - The Exchange management Shell is built upon Windows PowerShell.

The Exchange team has been a fantastic partner for V1.0 of PowerShell and done a great job showing everyone a glimpse of the future where all Admin GUIs are layered on top of Command line interfaces.  Its a superstar team, its a superstar product.

You can get a quick-reference guide for the Exchange Management Shell at:

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell/Aspen Architect
Visit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at:
Visit the Windows PowerShell ScriptCenter at:

PSMDTAG:Exchange: Exchange Management Shell



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  • 1) How to post questions? I haven't found an obvious way to do that. Adding comments to an existing post probably is not the right way...

    2) The big question is: is there any way for PowerShell and Windows Workflow Foundation to integrate? For example, I want an application to allow novice users be able to create workflows by drag'n'drop in the workflow editor, and advanced users to switch to the "Script" view of the same workflow and directly change what's in there (ideally a PowerShell script).

    - alex
  • Hi Alex;

    The best place for new questions is the Newsgroup.  Blogs don't handle conversations very well :)

    That newsgroup is news://

    As for the big question, there is nothing that I'm aware of that allows you to do this out of the box.

  • The Exchange Management Shell is only available on MS Exchange 2007?

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Exchange Management Shell