FREE Windows PowerShell Help Tool from Sapien

FREE Windows PowerShell Help Tool from Sapien

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Command line help is great because it is always there when you need it.  That said, sometimes you want to have the help in one window while you experiement in the other.  You can always do that with 2 console windows but why would you do that when you can download Sapien's FREE Windows PowerShell help tool. 

They have a download like in the text of their page describing Don Jones and Jeffrey Hicks PowerShell TFM book.  That's TFM as in RTFM.  clever.


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  • Please walk me through on how to install a program from floppy disk to my hard drive. I am using windows 2000.  

  • Hi can anyone tell me the address where I can find the powershell help tool from sapien as I am not able to find now on their site..

  • Hi anand Tools/32 Bit/PowerShell Help Community Edition.exe

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