Windows PowerShell in Action

Windows PowerShell in Action

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Well folks, at long last, my book is almost done :-)

Before it goes out for print, you can get electronic copies through Manning's early access program:

 The early access program is a chance for readers to provide feedback on a book so the author can fix things.

 As Jeffrey says - enjoy!



Bruce Payette

Windows PowerShell Technical Lead


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  • Awesome cover :D

    Who's idea was it?

  • I had the honor of reviewing Bruce's book and it is awesome!  This is the book that only Bruce was in a position to write.

    Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]

    Windows PowerShell/MMC Architect

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  • Mike from Manning here.  

    Manning's covers come from a 200-year-old (c. 1802) collection of illustrations purchased at an antiquarian flea market in Manhattan some time ago.  The images show the diversity of dress from region to region in a world somewhat less-connected than ours is today.

    I personally loved the effect of the character holding a "script."  Plus, he looks just like Bruce.

    Visit for more about the book and to see a sample chapter.  You can buy the book now in Manning Early Access Program and start reading immediately. We'll ship you a print copy when it rolls off the press.


  • > I personally loved the effect of the character holding a "script."  Plus, he looks just like Bruce.

    Its true - Bruce's posture is abysmal.  

    (just joking :-) )


  • MicrosoftのPowerShell開発チームのブログで 著者みずから紹介していますが 、Bruce Payetteが著した "Windows PowerShell in Action"

  • for both Bruce Payette's and Lee Holmes' PDF books, what I am wondering is if one will be able to "print" to a paper.

    There are PDF formats out there that disables printing of PDF files so I am wondering if I can simply purchase PDF versions of the books and print few chapters to read on the run.

  • Hi Sung;

    Both books allow printing to paper.


  • Just to be clear - "Windows PowerShell in Action" is a printed in the bookstore kind of book. It will *also* be available as a PDF but it's 400+ pages long so it will be a bit daunting to print. In the early access program, it's only available electronically...



    Bruce Payette

    Windows PowerShell Technical Lead

  • To Lee:

    Ah, glad to hear that it's printable ;)

    To Bruce:

    >It's 400+ pages long so it will be a bit daunting to print.

    That is exactly why I would like to print a chapter by chapter and carry only a small portion around to read on the run, on the train, or on the tram etc ;)

    Thanks guys.

  • Will the book cover the Direct ADSI support and changing WMI properties via methods?

  • Yes these topics are covered. Chapter 12 has a lot of stuff on WMI including using methods. ADSI is covered in Appendix B (though not to the degree that I would like.)


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