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Sapien PrimalScript's support for WIndows PowerShell continues to get better.  The latest addition is Live Syntax Checking.  This is particularly useful for people who are starting out with PowerShell which is basically everyone at this point.  Checkout their blog post:

It's also worth checking out the list of new features found in PrimalScript 4.1:

It's pretty impressive stuff.

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  • When are we going to see a Visual Studio IDE supporting PowerShell?

  • That's an interesting question. In discussions with MVPs, the consensus has been that Visual Studio support wasn’t critical for IT shops. In PowerShell V1, VS support just wasn’t a priority. Now, in looking at the community, more light-weight tools like what Sapien and what the other dynamic languages (Ruby with FreeRIDE or Python with Idle)  are doing seem to be the preferred solution. Comments?



    Bruce Payette [MSFT]

    Tech Lead, Windows PowerShell

    My book:

  • A lightweight Visual Studo integrated development environment would be best given that we use a mix of T-SQL, C#, PowerShell and ASP.NET.  We mix all of those components into an application (e.g., ASP.NET web front end, C# and PowerShell applications for server side processing and T-SQL for database operations).  We used to do more monolithic ASP applications but since have made our web GUI pages much much simpler due the overhead of maintaining about 100 complex web pages.  It would greatly help us to have even a simple Visual Studio IDE for PowerShell.

  • PrimalScript Enterprise supports all those file types. Why don't you go and check it out?

    Alex Riedel

    SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.

  • Since I spend all day editing c# in visual studio using another editor to edit powershell scripts is a none starter. I just wish Powersell had better intergration esp with the debugger, help etc.

    Droping out to the crude editing tools of a shell is baaaad (I used to use bash inside emacs). I want to be able to use a powerful scriptabe editor to hack powershell not f---- notepad!

  • I would much rather have my powershell integrated into my primary development tool. I do not want to add more applications into my workflow. I am already used to the VS workflow and that's what I'm looking for.

  • I don't mind have a PowerShell console open in another window so much, but I do resent having a third window open for another editor. Of course, the only reason why I use a third editor is because that editor (TextPad) has rudimentary syntax highlighting for PowerShell scripts. VS has turned me into a wimp: if it ain't syntax highlighted, I don't want to use it.

  • I would love to see PowerShell supported inside VS.  I generally keep the PowerShell command window open for generic admin tasks.  However, when I am designing a script, that just doesn't go.  

    I've used the Powershell Analyzer to take care of that need.  It works well and I've been happy with it.  But, seeing that PowerShell is MS... I would think that VS would do a much better job.  

    I will say that I fully suspect someone to make a PowerShell IDE out of the VS 2008 Shell that is coming out.  One can only hope, at least.

    But, I am certainly surprised that you cannot add PowerShell in there (right now) as a scripting language just like VBS... with intellisense and all...

  • I am a hobbyist and can't afford to purchase the Visual Studio Suite or Primal Script software.  I do not sell my software.

    Can't something along the lines of the 'Visual Basic Editor' packaged inside EXCEL be made to work with PowerShell?

    I would also like to start using PS as a replacement for all those office vb scripts.  I think this would be a logical starting place.

    Fred J.

  • I think VS integration is crucial for mass acceptance. We're looking at a replacement for VBA/WSH/BAT files and I was considering powershell, we're unlikely to buy another IDE so we really want eclipse or VS integration before we'll move.

  • This message is for Bruce Payette.  Bruce, I love your book, however, I do take an unhandled exception to your post about VS. I have been using the Visual Basic 6 editor for years to build VBScript projects because Visual Studio.NET and later insisted on removing the Set statement.  Anyway, the reason I used VB6 was mainly because of the automatic formatting and the Object Browser.  Because I am OCD, I like pretty code and VB6 does a decent job of making pretty code for me.

    Now that PowerShell is out, I was extremely disappointed that VS 2008 did not have an add-in or support for PowerShell.  Imagine if it did. I could actually use Intellisense and even create simple WinForms apps in PowerShell with ease!  My code would look pretty too.  Did I mention OCD?

    As an IT Admin for life I have coded in everything including 370 Assembly, JCL, CICS/COBOL, CLIST, DCL, FORTRAN, UNIX Shell Scripts, C++, C#, VBScript, and now PowerShell using some of the most primitive text editors available (like SPF and vi).  Now we admins finally get a superb scripting language that just about does it all (except the ability to create class libraries), yet we still can't use Visual Studio.

    When will we ever be treated seriously?  I guess because we don't write device drivers, we truly are second class developers.

    Oh well.  Maybe we can get a real editor with the next scripting language SuperShell.

  • yah! support from Eclipse for Powershell is very important!!

  • Please make Visual Studio THE PowerShell IDE. I am a big fan of the PowerShell scripting concept, but without a professional tool like Visual Studio the writing, unit testing and refactoring of larger scripts becomes very painful.



  • Bump - PS 2.0 is out, and the new IDE is primitive and horrible.  PLEEEAAAASE folks- Visual Studio support for PowerShell...

  • Yes please Visual studio support, and maybe an Powershell Express edition for those of us who can justify the full visual studio suite.

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