Live Syntax Checking

Live Syntax Checking

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Sapien PrimalScript's support for WIndows PowerShell continues to get better.  The latest addition is Live Syntax Checking.  This is particularly useful for people who are starting out with PowerShell which is basically everyone at this point.  Checkout their blog post:

It's also worth checking out the list of new features found in PrimalScript 4.1:

It's pretty impressive stuff.

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  • As a MSDN subscriber, I would really really really appreciate PS support in VS.

  • Get-ChildItem C:\Network-Dump\*.* | Where{$_.LastWriteTime}|Select-Object Name, CreationTime, LastWriteTime, @{Name="Size(MB)";Expression={$_.Length / 1MB}}

    i am trying run to above command but it is not showing file size

    i am new to power shell please guide me

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