If you are the sort of bloke that likes to turn the dial to 11, you should check out Abhishek's recent blog entry on Custom TypeConverters:


Much of the power of Windows PowerShell comes from the type coercion capabilities of our ObjectFlow engine.  This is what allows PowerShell to eliminate tons of low-class, impedance-mismatch programming minutia and allows you to focus on the problem you are trying to solve.  There are a number of things we do here including type creation, using a type's PARSE method, leveraging the .NET type conversion system, etc but we also provide a mechanism for you to participate.  Abhishek shows you how.

 This is not for your mainstream Admin but if you like tinkering with the system and appreciate how a little bit of code can provide incredible functional leverage - then you should give this a try - it's a rush.  If you produce something good, you should share it with the community so that the mainstream can benefit and you can bask in the glory being a true PowerHead.  :-)

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FYI: "Turning the dial to 11":  http://youtube.com/watch?v=akaD9v460yI