It's a Wrap! Windows PowerShell 1.0 Released!

It's a Wrap! Windows PowerShell 1.0 Released!

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Today at the keynote at ITForum in Barcelona, we announced the official release of Windows PowerShell 1.0!  

For those of you unfamiliar with Windows PowerShell, it is a best of breed next-generation commandline shell designed from the ground up to be flexible and powerful while still remaining easy to use. Many thanks go to our friends at for coming all the way to Barcelona to show how they're using Windows PowerShell in production today for the mission critical task of maintaining and managing the second busiest website in the world.

To download Windows PowerShell, please visit:

Finally, thanks to each and every one of you in the Windows PowerShell community! We've been extremely grateful and appreciative of the high level of community support and fantastic feedback we've received throughout the time we've been developing PowerShell. With your help, we've created the best shell experience ever for the Windows platform. We're confident you'll be very pleased with the result!

Thanks again and Enjoy!

Leonard Chung, Jeffrey Snover, and Arul Kumaravel on behalf of the PowerShell Team

Update:  PowerShell is also available for Vista-RC1 and Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn" IDS 5600. Please visit:

[Edit: Updated links 2:40pm and clarified Vista information. ]

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  • I cannot install this. I have RC1 version installed and there is no uninstall. And no uninstaller.

    It refuses to install saying I have to uninstall the earlier version but there is no way to do that. It isn't under Add/Remove Programs. There is no uninstall in the C:\Windows\System32\windowspowershell directory. If you delete the directory then the installer STILL complains and refuese to install it.

    So how do I uninstall RC1 version so it will allow me to install this release version?

  • You can now download Microsoft's new command line shell and scripting language. If you don't run an English Windows version, make sure that you also get the Multilingual User Interface Package. It is interesting to note that there is not yet a

  • In an ongoing stream of end-of-year releases from Microsoft, we're finally able to get our hands on the

  • Windows PowerShell (our new command line scripting and administration too) officially RTW’d today. If

  • Now all we want is the PowerShell that works on Windows Vista RTM (Build 6000). I'm shocked they don't even got a build for Vista RC2, only RC1.

    What's this? Locking out those who are not MSDN subscribers or what? I'm sure if I had the money I would pay double MSDN subscription to get what I want, but it's a real world and not everyone are millionaires.

  • what powershell for? MS... you are too late. Cygwin bash has been there for so many years free and following open standards. Check

  • ups... this doesn't have any buttons! hey... I'm a windows user, I don't understand this kind of things. If this is going to continue I will better learn linux!

  • I'm in the same situation as Bruce (~9 posts above).  The release version won't install because a beta version is installed but there seems to be no way to remove the beta.

  • To uninstall Windows PowerShell 1.0, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, click Run, type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK. (or alternativly run Software from System Settings)

    2. Click to select the Show updates check box (on the top in the middle).

    3. In the Currently installed programs list, click Windows PowerShell(TM) 1.0, and then click Remove.  

    4. Follow the instructions to remove Windows PowerShell(TM) 1.0.

  • um, yeah, good job Microsoft.  Releasing Powershell for XP and not for the new flagship RTM version OS is as much crap as releasing Zune without support for Vista or the Xbox 360.  Oh yeah, and Windows Mobile doesn't sync with Vista or play well with the Xbox 360.  So much for interoperability...

    Shouldn't a "RTM" OS have the intended functionality of as much interoperabiltiy as the prior OS?

  • I'm now upgrading to the released version of PowerShell. The upgrade requires that previous versions be uninstalled; the version I have is RC2.

    In several places, I found uninstall instructions which say:

    "Note If Windows PowerShell 1.0 is installed on the computer, you must remove Windows PowerShell 1.0 before you install the Windows PowerShell 1.0 localized update package. To remove Windows PowerShell 1.0, follow these steps:1. Click Start, click Run, type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK.

    2. Click to select the Show updates check box.

    3. In the Currently installed programs list, click Windows PowerShell(TM) 1.0, and then click Remove.

    4. Follow the instructions to remove the Windows PowerShell(TM) 1.0 program."

    Well, on my XP Pro x64, there is no entry for PowerShell in the usual add/remove programs list, nor is there any place I can find that is the "Show Updates" check box.

    The Windows Installer Cleanup facility does not list PowerShell as being installed, so I can't remove it that way.

    I'm really missing something, as it doesn't seem that others have had this problem, but I'm STUCK.

    Thanks, Tom

  • Hi Tom;

    The "Show updates" box should be at the top, right of the Add / Remove Programs list (to the right of "Currently installed programs and updates."


  • hi,

    Even after selecting the ShowUpdates check box, i cant see windows Powershell in the list. i am unable to install higher versions of powershell

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