Windows PowerShell & Windows Vista

Windows PowerShell & Windows Vista

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We've had many questions about when Windows PowerShell will be released for Windows Vista. We plan to release Windows PowerShell 1.0 by January 31st, 2007. 


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  • wow, this is unfortunate, because now all the SA's I know have to choose between Vista and PowerShell for their primary workstation. They're installing PowerShell rtm and they are all going to install vista rtm in the next week. Seems like really poor timing. If possible someone should just hack the installer to work on rtm.

  • Vista向けPowerShellは2007/01/31?

  • This seriously infuriates me to no end--cut the bureaucratic nonsense, the right thing for your core customers is to have someone spend a day building an MSI. I guess you can take this as a compliment, your product is awesome.

  • I bet he has little ability to cut the bureaucracy. I bet he has little ability even to voice frustration. I came from a huge enterprise where they had ONE guy working on a business criticial component and who was left with not out of personal preference the entire know-how on how it worked.

    He was worked around the clock, and if he went on holiday there was total panic, yet his manager kept being mean to him.

    Customers outside the company were also upset with the company and they voiced their concerns to him, who was told by the managers to fix it. When the customers wrote outside of him and to the managers the managers brougth it to him, unread, and told him to fix it.

    I quit before that went more into heck than it was going. ;)

  • What a poor choice to make...

  • What about an unofficial, unsupported workaround to get PowerShell installed on Vista?    

  • Please, a workaround to install on RTM.  How the heck am I supposed to learn this stuff with no way to intall the even a beta build!

  • Got PS RTM installed on Vista RTM manually. NOT SUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT!! but seems to be running nonetheless.!FE05918FD4D775C5!296.entry

  • The fact that this team can't release a finished product simply because they are waiting for another team within MS is competitors are being seen as being more innovative than MS.

    For example, Google would just release it as beta and once they know that it works, they would release it officially - and it works - the public perception is that Google is far ahead in web apps. and innovation.

    Microsoft has programs in place to help partners have applications ready at Vista *launch* - which is very close for corporations.

    Yet, MS itself can't release and *already finished* product because of a simple installer issue.

    Sorry - but this is unacceptable, period.  No excuses, no bullshit... the process is flawed.

    Microsoft is a great company, PowerShell absolutely rocks, but this slowness, this bureaucracy must end.  MS needs to become much more nimble.  Fast.  Quick to market.

    Microsoft tells its partners to have products ready for Vista launch, but can't pull the same feat off itself.  Same with Virtual PC 2007.  Should have been ready by now.

    MS complains that there is a lack of finalized drivers for Vista - even though MS has provided the hardware manufacturers beta after beta of Vista so that they could be ready for launch.

    Again, MS can't even deliver smaller products *already* finished until 2+ months after RTM.

    Sorry, I'm not going to apologize or excuse this.  Microsoft needs to fix these problems or it will be known as the next slow, stodgy IBM stuck in mud and slow as molasses.

    Vista FTW

    PowerShell FTW

    Microsoft - Get your act together.

  • Very disappointing decision by Microsoft to delay release of PowerShell for Vista until JANUARY.

    I sincerely hope Microsoft reconsiders and releases PowerShell for Vista as an MSI package very quickly

  • This is very disappointing ...

    I sincerely hope Microsoft reconsiders and releases PowerShell for Vista as an MSI package soon.

  • I just followed the hack given above, and got it working on Vista in under ten minutes. Thanks, Jon Davis, whoever you are.

    I could very easily put together an MSI for this in an hour or two, but presumably I would be in some kind of trouble if I did that. Why can't Microsoft do this in less than two and a half months? Utterly ridiculous.

  • >> Whats would be the point of releasing it now? Aside from SA customers/MSDN, there's no general availability of Vista until the end of January anyway.

    The point is that a significant number of professional developers for the Windows platform are also MSDN subscribers. The whole idea is to get technology to us first so that we can roll out updates when the "official" release hits the streets in January.

    I have to say, it amazes me that they roll out an operating system that has issues with their premier development tools (Visual Studio 2005), they can't get installers built for technology that they're evangelizing, and all the rest (not to mention that PowerShell was originally supposed to be part of Vista).

    Ah well, not much we can do but sit back and wait.

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