Windows PowerShell SDK

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Windows PowerShell Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available as part of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows Vista. Microsoft Windows SDK can be downloaded from

Windows PowerShell SDK contains:

  • Samples in C#
  • Reference Assemblies
  • Tools – make-shell.exe
  • Templates – Format.ps1xml and Types.ps1xml
  • Documentation – Getting Started Guide, Programmer’s Guide, Conceptual Help and Managed Reference

The documentation can also be found on msdn at

To install Windows PowerShell components from Microsoft Windows SDK, please select the check-boxes as shown in the attached image. 

Hemant Mahawar [MSFT]
Program Manager
Windows PowerShell

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  • Fantastic, didn't realise it is now part of the Windows SDK. On the PowerShell download page there's still a link to the standalone pre-release SDK.

  • Thanks for reporting the discrepancy. We will get it fixed soon.

    Hemant Mahawar [MSFT]

    Program Manager

    Windows PowerShell

  • Hi,

    is there a download possibility for the complete SDK? These "on demand"-Setup is annoying because everybody who wants to install in our enterprise does the same download over and over again.

    Thanx :-)


  • > is there a download possibility for the complete SDK?

    There's a link to the DVD ISO version in the Instructions section of the web page.

  • where can i download the powershell sdk alone?

  • Is the powershell sdk still in the windows sdk? I can find it anywhere

  • I'm the writer for the SDK documentation and I just wanted to mention that the SDK and a Windows PowerShell Programmer'Guide is available on MSDN.

    In fact, a new feature that has been added to MSDN is a Wiki section at the bottom of each topic for your use. Please add any content you would like to share with the PowerShell community in that space. I'll be monitoring that space and updating my content for the next release of MSDN.

  • But where can I get all the assemblies, tools and templates. Right now i am working out of the GAC

  • I downloaded the Windows 6.0 SDK and installed it as indicated in the screenshot.  I'm running WinXP SP2, and VS2005 SP1.  How come the assemblies that are installed in the GAC (namely System.Management.Automation) aren't showing up as options when I try to reference them in my C# project?  Am I missing an install step here?

  • Reference assemnblies are installed as part of SDK installation under 'Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft'

    Hemant Mahawar [MSFT]

    Program Manager

    Windows PowerShell

  • Is there an SDK for Windows XP? Vista doesn't like my dual monitor display adapter :(

  • The SDK works on Windows XP as well.

  • How come I don't see folder \Reference Assemblies.  I ran XP.  Do I need to reboot after SDK installation?


  • Where do I find the SDK for 64bit XP?

  • Where can I download the SDK? is not working

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Windows PowerShell SDK