Windows PowerShell SDK

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Windows PowerShell Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available as part of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows Vista. Microsoft Windows SDK can be downloaded from

Windows PowerShell SDK contains:

  • Samples in C#
  • Reference Assemblies
  • Tools – make-shell.exe
  • Templates – Format.ps1xml and Types.ps1xml
  • Documentation – Getting Started Guide, Programmer’s Guide, Conceptual Help and Managed Reference

The documentation can also be found on msdn at

To install Windows PowerShell components from Microsoft Windows SDK, please select the check-boxes as shown in the attached image. 

Hemant Mahawar [MSFT]
Program Manager
Windows PowerShell

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  • After installing Powershell,i don't see any C# assemblies in the specified folder.Is there any thing more i have to do to get the Assemblies?

  • I found this:

  • When you use Powershell and look at the audit logs how do you know who made changes using this application?  Is there a certain reference number or something?



  • I got the logs and see who and what made the changes.



  • where is the Windows PowerShell SDK for windowxp?

  • I can not find the assembly System.Management.Automation.dll, im on a Window 7 Ultimate machine, Visual Studio 2008. I initally installed the Windows 7 SDK [all Developer Tools elements are ticked] and then attempted to use the standalone PowerShell SDK_Samples installer. I get all the samples but there is still no sign of the assembly? I asked WIndows to search the whole of C:\ what have I done wrong. I know that the WIndows SDK is installed fine as I can develop (in another project against WWSAPI which is part of the Windows SDK).

    Paul Deadman

  • PowerShell assemblies are under c:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0

  • Thanks for your reply stating that the assemblies are in the V1.0 directory. However (and I forgot to state this in my comment) with Windows V7, you get PowerShell V2 and I am looking for the reference libraries that match V2 of PowerShell.

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Windows PowerShell SDK