Windows PowerShell for Testers

Windows PowerShell for Testers

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The PowerShell team is very much into unit testing so, when  I ran into this blog by Adam Geras today, I found it very interesting.  All its entries are on using PowerShell for testing.  I especially liked this entry on using PowerShell and Excel for data driven testing because I always love it when you can leverage other products to make your life easier.  I find Excel to be great for manipulating lots of data.  Being able to keep your data in a spreadsheet and still have access it from PowerShell is awesome. 


It seems Adam is also working on a CodePlex project aimed at using PowerShell for testing.  When you have some free time, take a look.  Who knows? Maybe you can use it for testing your scripts and cmdlets or maybe even contribute.


- Marcel Ortiz

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