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Ben Pearce was gracious enough to put together a good looking PowerShell Cheat Sheet which I've included as an attachment to this blog post.  By definition, a cheat sheet is incomplete so this contains the things that Ben has found to be the most import.   I think you'll find it useful.


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell/MMC Architect
Visit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at:    http://blogs.msdn.com/PowerShell
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  • The Windows Powershell Blog has posted a two page cheat sheet for Powershell that was put together by Ben Pearce. It’s very handy, I’ve already printed this out & sent it to the rest of the development team at work....

  • For some reason I think Jeffery didn't meant to trouble us, it was as simple as save doc file and upload it.With so many salty comments I'm sure it won't repeat

  • yeah the docx format was poor form, and just created needless negativity

    apart from that, nice cheat sheet and thanks to those who converted it to more common formats

  • Nice cheat sheet. Just try to avoid using a bleeding-edge data format next time.

  • Hey Guys

    Apologies for the confusion in providing a docx file.  Completeley thoughtless on my part, and thanks to Jeff for rectifying this.  A lesson now learnt :)



  • Here's a must-have cheat sheet for PowerShell. Jeffrey Snover has put together an excellent doc that

  • I was able to open the .docx file just fine in Word 2003 SP2.

    Thanks, this is great!

  • I originally published Ben Pearce's PowerShell Cheat sheet in Word 2007 format . Given that I posted

  • Hoy en cosas interesantes: Expression Blend Beta2 y Design Beta 1, Referencia rapida de powershell, Entrevista

  • PowerShell for Vista has shipped. http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/archive/2007/01/29/windows-powershell-1-0-for-windows-vista.aspx

  • I posted another PowerShell cheat sheet a while ago as well, that has a lot of commands listed with equivalents in the old shell and the new shell.. I find it useful.


    No XPS available, sorry.  :)

  • Developers Cheat Sheets

  • I have stumbled across an apparent bug in powershell (or shoddy documentation).

    I am working on some scripts to copy and append/rename files based on the current date-time after moving to a backup location however when working with the get-date command I was confused over the output.

    The help file for get-date, 'get-help get-date -full', indicates that I should be able to display the month in two digit numerical format (06) using 'get-date -uformat %M' I get the minutes and when using the lower case 'm' which should be minutes I get the two-digit month.

    I have confirmed this behavior running powershell on Windows XP SP2 x86 and Windows 2003 SP1 x64.

  • Here is a list of cheat sheets for the Windows and .NET platform that I frequently use and I think are of great interest. Visual Studio 2005 Keyboard Shortcut References Visual C# 2005 - PDF grayscal...

  • I guess , we should have this in the doc too.

    Lets say, we want to access property of object or do assing  some value to it.

    it is possible to do

    someObject | %{ $_.someProperty = someValue}

    Just an idea :-)

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