Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Windows Vista

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As Jeffery promised to you folks, today we have offically released Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Microsoft Windows Vista. Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting for this release.

To download Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Windows Vista, please visit the following links:

For more details, please visit the following links:

Enjoy Windows Vista and Windows PowerShell

Hemant Mahawar [MSFT]
Program Manager
Windows PowerShell

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  • I always get the error "Update does not apply to this system" - Running Vista Ultimate.

  • Is there a fix for the "The update does not apply to your system" error I get every time I try to install this on Vista Ultimate. ??

  • I get the same error: The update does not apply to your system. I'm running Enterprise version of Vista.

  • When will the fix be released so we can install this even with EFS disabled?


  • All language links on download page of PowerShell 1.0, points to the same filename.  I've tested the downloaded files and all them have the same MD5SUM.

  • I also get the EFS problem when installing on Vista Ultimate. I can't leave the domain unfortunately. On January 30, 2007 6:41 PM Vijay Bharadwaj [MSFT] says that they are working on fixing the issue! Please guys!

  • I've never ever been a supporter for online activation process for any product. Ever. On the one hand

  • EFS error for me as well.  Any news on the fix Vijay hinted at?

  • Step right up! Get your fresh PowerShell!

  • Just so everyone is aware, the following support article from Microsoft fixes the encrypting file system (EFS) issue:

    In the US, call Microsoft at the following support line and select the option for professional support (option #2):


    Ask for the hotfix related to the article ID 933595.  You do not have to have a support contract with Microsoft to get them to send you this hotfix.

    If you follow the article's advice to the letter, you should have no problem installing powershell without first leaving the domain and turning on EFS.

    This also removes the same issue for other related software installations, such as .NET Framework 3.5.

    Hope this helps.

  • Tried to install powershell x64 version on 2003 enterprise x64 sp2, says the xxxxxenu.exe is not a valid win32 application.


  • When I try to install the Vista version of Powershell, I get "Installer encountered an error 0x8007000d. The data is invalid." I see that other people are having trouble installing as well, but not this problem.

  • What is the deal with this?  Have vista ultimate with sp1 and getting the "Installer encountered an error: -x8007000d The data is invalid."  Did nobody test this package before it was released?  Have not turned on "EFS".  Need to install packages on my workstation that prereq powershell, but, can't because of this error.  Is there a real fix available?  The hotfix in kb933595 is supposed be in sp1.

  • Apparently from my experience and any others, the powershell install does not work on Vista.  Is there any relief in sight?  It is needed to install other applications that prereq it. Getting 0x8007000d error.  Have vista ultimate (32bit) with sp1.

  • Got "Windows Update Standalone Installer: Installer encountered and error: 0x8007000d, The data is invalid". I'm using Vista Ultimate SP1 x64. Just did a fresh install and completed all updates, upgraded to Installer 4.5 and .Net Framework 3.5.  Very frustrating.

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Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Windows Vista