Internet Radio Function

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I found a cool blog entry at!744FB258BF8C8020!1377.entry . I have no idea what it says but I can read the script and I like it. The person has an internet radio site that they like and wrote a simple script to get run it in an IE windows with a fixed size and location and without all the IE adornments. I love this stuff!

function ufo-radio
$ie = new-object -com "InternetExplorer.Application"
$ie.width = 400
$ie.height = 270
$ie.Resizable =$false
$ie.ToolBar =$false
$ie.MenuBar =$false
$ie.Visible = $true;
set-alias ufo ufo-radio

The one nit I have is that that should probably be called: Start-UFO instead of UFO-Radio. Get-UFO might also be OK and then you don't need the alias. Remember if you type a command and we can't resolve it, we'll add a "get-" in front of it and try it again. So if you named this Get-UFO and typed UFO – we would look for something called UFO and if it existed – we would use that otherwise we would look up Get-UFO. Try this yourself with PROCESS, SERVICE, etc.


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  • This is great, but under Vista it chokes on a lot of the property setting if I'm not running as an Administrator.  Is there a way I can urn just this function as admin?

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Internet Radio Function