Detecting Conflicts between Aliases, Functions, and Cmdlets

Detecting Conflicts between Aliases, Functions, and Cmdlets

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Version 1.1 of the PowerShell Community Extensions has just been release so I decided to kick the tires. After I installed it, I noticed that some conflicts and then realized that there might be conflicts between my customizations and the Aliases, Functions and Cmdlets that they delivered. Here is how I detected what needed to be resolved:

PS> gcm -type cmdlet,function,alias |group name |where {$_.count -gt 1}

Count Name Group
----- ---- -----
2 Get-FileVersionInfo {Get-FileVersionInfo, Get-FileVersionInfo}
2 help {help, help}
2 man {man, man}
2 mkdir {mkdir, mkdir}
2 ql {ql, ql}
2 qs {qs, qs}
PS> gcm qs

CommandType Name Definition
----------- ---- ----------
Function qs "$args"
Alias qs Quote-String

Is that cool or what? Man I love PowerShell!


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