Announced: PowerShell to Ship in Windows Server (Longhorn)!!!!

Announced: PowerShell to Ship in Windows Server (Longhorn)!!!!

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The rate of PowerShell adoption has been quite stunning.  We've all been amazed by the momentum.  Here are a few datapoints:

  • We have had well over 400,000 downloads of Windows PowerShell since we released in November!  
  • We are up to eight books in the US, 2 more in Japan and at least 2 in the works for Germany.
  • We continue to have new partners developing new products based on PowerShell from Quest Software, /n Software, PowerGadgets and Full Armor.

I'm here at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) in San Diego and the momentum is growing!

  • Quest Software announced further development of two new free products that leverage PowerShell:  Active Directory cmdlets (tools) for managing Active Directory and PowerGUI, a GUI based tool for working with PowerShell cmdlets and writing PowerShell scripts.  They'll be demoing these in my talk tomorrow.  Find out more at and 
  • /n software ( announced PowerShell Remoting which provides a secure, remoting solution for Windows PowerShell based on SSH that provides interactive, object-based remoting and remoting to non-Windows devices and operating systems. While the first version of Windows PowerShell provides native support for remoting via WMI, it does not provide interactive remoting for other Windows data sources such as the registry or certificates.  /n Software has also previously announced NetCmdlets which provides extensive networking management capabilities via cmdlets.

And now for the biggie:

  • At the Microsoft Management Summit in San Diego today we announced that Windows PowerShell will be included in Windows Server code-named “Longhorn” and will be available in Beta 3 of “Longhorn”.   That's right, Windows Server will ship with PowerShell!

It's a pretty big day for us in the PowerShell world. 


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
Visit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at:
Visit the Windows PowerShell ScriptCenter at:

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  • Jeffrey,

    Congratulations on the big announcement. I just noticed that does not take me to the Quest site. Their URL is



  • On of the reasons I have holding back on Powershell is that it lacks remote execute.. am I right? That is I cannot do regular admin work remote, I have to do it locally, unless I use WMI or some instances like that.

  • PowerGUI community is actually at (not com).

    The AD cmdlets page at Quest site is:

    But, yeah, congratulations on the great news!

  • This is great news - congratulations.

    Is this v1 Powershell thats shipping and when you say every version does this include core?

  • Including Core?

  • And I wonder just how much of the uptake is because you *have* to have it for Exchange 2007...

    And how much of the further development is becasue doing things like manipulating Exchange 2007 security permissions is a big pain in the bum with PowerShell.

  • Will this include Core server versions?

  • It looks like the URL for PowerGUI is and not ".com" as noted in the blog item.

  • Is there any news if the server core installations support Powershell?

  • PowerShell a Windows

  • It looks like my PowerShell Remoting can retire now.

  • Congratulations. I've been playing around with powershell since the early betas, and I just bought Windows PowerShell In Action so I can really get down and learn the nitty gritty details.

    It's just a shame it wasn't included in Vista - SP1 maybe?

  • PowerShellチームブログ によると、まもなくLonghorn Serverのベータ3にPowerShellが標準搭載されるようです。ということは、まもなくベータ3が出るのかな? 今まで公開されたベータやCTPにはまったくインストールできなかったので

  • I'm on the same page as Mike Weller -- I would also love to see PowerShell be included in an upcoming Vista Service Pack.

    I'm a heavy user of cmd.exe; I love getting things done from the command prompt.  I was initially very excited to spend time learning PowerShell (back when it was still "monad"), but my enthusiasm lessened significantly when I learned that PowerShell was not going to be included with Windows Vista.  This is because even a few years down the road when Vista has become the dominant business client machine OS, any machine that I sit down at other than my own is highly likely not to have PowerShell installed, and I'll just have to fall back on cmd.exe anyway.

    Perhaps it isn't too late to remedy this situation?  There's still a chance to put the power of PowerShell into "the typical Windows machine" of a few years from now by including it in Vista SP1!

  • Jeffrey Snover posted this announcement on the Microsoft PowerShell team blog today: And now for the

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