Proposed new standard verbs

Proposed new standard verbs

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The PowerShell team is planning on adding the following verbs to the standard PowerShell verbs'  list. Please review and send us any feedback you might have:

Invoke To introduce or put into operation (This verb has been a standard verb but was never officially added to the list)
Pop To remove something from the top of a stack.
Push To put something onto a stack.
Publish To make known to another .  (this  is related to data)
Unpublish To make it unknown to another.
Search Get a reference to a resource or summary information about a resource by looking in a specified collection. ( Does not actually retrieve that resource, but provides information to be used for retrieving it)
Show Retrieve and display a set of information. (this is related to display) (combine get, format and out)
Hide Make the display not visible
Wait To remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens


Wassim [MSFT]

<Updated to correct PUSH/POP definitions and capitalize Search - jps>

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  • How checkin and checkout for version cotrol ?

  • I would suggest to add Send for send email or interprocess messages. Otherwise the list seems good. Invoke is a little bit odd but is already in use, so don't invent another.

  • Looks good, except "Show" and "Hide". I'd have to actually see how they're implemented and used, but I'm wondering if there is a need for such verbs.

    The "get"|"format" combination allows for simple, unit, cmdlets that are easy to learn, and that you can combine at will. A "show" cmdlet might do too much work at once. Or too little...

    If you think that "hide" is the opposite of "show", and given the fact that "hide" is really just removing the display, you might think "show" is only displaying a data you previously acquired (which is "format"!). So "show" actually using "get" might be something that's done "behind your back" without you expecting it. Or maybe I'm thinking too much?

  • In addition to push and pop for dealing with the top of a stack, it might be a good idea to add Shift and Unshift (perl terms) to remove and add items from the other end of the list. Then you can implement queue as well as stack behaviour

  • "push" and "pop" have no meaning to me.  I'm not a developer.  Why not Add and Remove?

  • We already have ADD/Remove

    Admins PUSH/POP directories for navigation.


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