TUI - The Ultimate User Interface

TUI - The Ultimate User Interface

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Check out Tom Yager's article on TUI (Text User Interface) HERE.

People from every corner of the industry are beginning to figure it out.  TEXT (CLI [Command Line Interface]) is your friend.

I'm strongly believe that this is a GUI AND CLI issue not a GUI OR CLI issue.  It was a mistake to think that GUIs ever would, could, or even should, eliminate CLIs. 

 "Hey Hey, My My, CLIs will never die!" (apologizes to Neil Young)

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  • Thanks for the hint. I'm not an Architect nor some kind of Reasearcher, but I think it's quite obvious to have both options.

    At least, unix systems works like this since, umh, I wasn't even born, ... You have a standard CLI (ie. shell) and if you need and you can you start a GUI (X Server).

    In my opionion, the Big improvement is to have a component model (objects) to work with, ie, applying modern and proven software engineering concepts to systems management.

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